Cost Of Dental Treatment?

Why Dental Treatment Cost Varies ? What is the Cost of Tooth Removal ? Dental Treatment In India ?

There are various reasons why the tooth removal or extraction cost varies. Cost of treatment depends on instruments and equipment’s used, method of sterilization etc. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

1. Method of Sterilization:- Boiling the instrument does not remove all the germs but Autoclave should be used that is steam under pressure. Lack of Instrument sterilization can transfer deadly diseases like HIV, Hepatitis etc. Some of these diseases are not even Curable.

2. Tooth Removal Instruments:- Conventional tooth removal Forceps costs between 500 to 2000 per instrument. While Next Generation PHYSICS Forceps made in USA costs around 2 Lakhs. Physics Forceps have several advantages like it removes the tooth painlessly. It also preserve’s the maximum amount of bone. Remaining bone is the most important criteria when considering replacement with artificial teeth.

3. Convention Needle are 18 gauge as the are very thick it causes pain while pricking. On the other hand a 30 gauge needle is ultra fine and causes least amount of pain. These are mostly imported from France and are only slightly expensive.

4. One in a million can die due to Anaphylaxis/ Reaction with Anesthetic Agent. But now there is option of Special Lignocaine which is specially developed to avoid this problem. Unfortunately currently It is expensive but spending a little extra is worth it.
Similarly there are several other reasons which can affect the cost of dental treatments.

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