A flawless smile is something that everyone Dreams off

A flawless smile is something that everyone Dreams off. It takes a lot of effort to get the desired results. There are various things which are to be taken into consideration to achieve these flawless results.

Some of these things are mentioned below

1. The ability of the Doctor which is the most important things. In Dentistry there are 8 postgraduation branches which deal with different dental problems. Smile Designing procedures are mostly done by a Endodontists or by a Orthodontists. We have MDS specialists for all the clinical branches at our clinic.

2. Quality of materials and equipment play there part as well. We are equipped with the most advanced technologies and only use the best materials available around the globe, some of which are only available with us as they are yet to be launched in India but we have imported them directly from the various MNCs.

3. Artificial teeth are fabricated in Dental Labs. The quality of lab and their technician play a significant role so as to make artificial teeth look 100% like natural teeth.

4. We are so confident about the dental procedures that we are the only clinic in Lucknow who can give warranty on various dental procedures like Fillings, RCTs/ Root Canal Treatment, Crown/ Caps, Veneers, Implants etc.

Smile Designing needs a lot of experience and expertise as it is only a specialist dentist who can foresee the results after the treatment. Selecting the most suitable among the various treatment options which 1are available.

Here you can see the changes that can be done with your smile even before the actual treatment has started. But best is to wear the temporary model so that you get the actual feel of the changed smile.

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