Before we get into the cost of braces or the cost of orthodontic treatment or which one is the best? All these things can be explained by a simple example.

cost of braces

If somebody has to travel from Lucknow to New Delhi he has various options like bus, train, taxi, air travel or private vehicle, etc. In case if some decide to take a flight he again has different options like economy class, business class, chartered plane, etc. It does not matter which mode of transportation he/she chooses the end result or the final destination would be New Delhi.

Similarly, it does not matter which type of braces or orthodontic treatment you select the end result would be a flawless smile (would be the same). Therefore one can choose any design of braces or orthodontic treatment modalities that would be pocket-friendly to that specific individual.

As far as costing is concerned the most affordable option is metal braces. Although the cost would vary from clinic to clinic and is also governed by the brand of braces that are used. On average, it ranges from 35000/- to 60000/- for the entire 1 to 1.5 years of complete treatment. The next category is tooth-colored ceramic braces costing between 45000 to 70000/-. Next is the new generation self-ligating braces which might reduce the treatment time by a month or two. Average cost ranges between 50000/- to 100000/-. Next option is lingual braces, these braces are placed behind the tooth therefore they are not visible. It may cost up to 150000/-. Next category is Aligners which may cost between 1 Lakh to 3.5 Lakhs. The cost of aligners would depend on the company and also varies from clinic to clinic.

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