Causes of Pain after the Root Canal Treatment?

Why do you have pain after the RCTs/ Root Canal Treatment

Pain after Root Canal Treatment or RCT

1. If there is a Broken Instrument in the root canal the root canal can get infected and if a instrument is broken beyond the root in the bone it can cause swelling, pain or pus formation. All these problems arises due to over uses of same instrument again and again. Ideally in every patient a new set of instruments should be used.
2. Pain can also arise if there is a over filling that is beyond the tooth or inside the bone.
3. Incomplete filling of the root canal space can also result in accumulation of bacteria in the remaining root canal thereby leading to pain or abscess.
4. RCT is a complicated procedure specially in the posterior teeth because it has more number of root canals and the dentist should be able to locate all the canals. There can be up to 6 canals in the molars although it varies from person to person and from single individual posterior teeth. If the operator is unable to find all the canals the left out canal will get infected and can cause pain.
5. Crowns/ Capping having marginal Discrepancies i.e if  the fabricated crown margins are placed beyond the tooth and over the gums. It can lead to inflammation / swelling of the gums which can again result in pain.
6. A perfectly done Root Canal Treatment /RCT can also have pain if the sterilisation of instruments are not done properly or the used instrument of 1 patient is used in another patient which can transfer the infection leading to pain, swelling or pus formation.

Treatment Options
(A) Root Canal Treatment should be repeated again which is also called as Re-RCT Treatment. It’s normally carried out by the root canal specialist who is also called as Endodontist.
(B) EXTRACTION /Tooth Removal