Cost of Root Canal Treatment?

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Cost Of RCT Or Root Canal Treatment? Cost Of Re-RCT? Why Re-RCT more expensive than RCT?

Cost of RCT or Re-RCT varies from clinic to clinic in Lucknow. Cost can be criteria while selecting a dental clinic but it should not be the only criteria when selecting a clinic. One should also be aware of some facts about RCT or Re-RCTs before a decision is made.

cost of root canal treatment

# RCT treated tooth should have a life as long as other natural teeth.
# 80% RCT’s done in Lucknow in case of back/posterior teeth are incorrect.
# Symptom’s such as pain, swelling or abscess may occur in case of faulty RCT’s.
# Depending on the total bacterial count and the bodies immune system (which fights with these bacteria) symptom’s related to faulty RCT may occur immediately or may occur over a period of time. In some cases, it might take as long as 4-5 years.
# In the United States or Europe it is done only by an Endodontist. Because a faulty treatment has done there may cost the dentist up to 50 Lakh as the penalty. But in India, everyone does it because even if it fails Nobody is going to court.
# ReRCT is done due to faulty RCT and it is caused due to human error, therefore, it more complicated and difficult to perform. In Lucknow, it can only be done by very few Endodontists.
# Even an Endodontist might not be able to correct it in all cases.
# It also takes double the time and also requires specialized instruments which are even more expensive. Therefore it increases the costing.
# Charges for RCTs varies from 15000/- to 20000/- in US Or UK. The instruments used for RCT costs around 2500/- to 3000/-. These instruments are for single use and they are to discarded afterward. But in India, it is used again and again until it breaks inside the tooth.
# If a dentist charges 15 -20 thousand he can afford to discard these instrument after every case but if a dentist charges 2000 how will he discard an instrument worth 3500/-
# RCT is a painless procedure if done correctly. RCT treated tooth should stay in the mouth for a lifetime.
# Fractured Instrument can be removed only in about 50% of cases. So the remaining 50% of the tooth has to be removed.
# Similarly there can also be some more critical errors which can not be rectified. (At Our Clinic)
# In the first 20 mins of ReRCT procedure we will inform our patients if It can be corrected. In case it can’t be corrected it has to be removed or else if we tell it can be corrected then they will stay in the mouth without any trouble for the lifetime or in other terms it will stay in the mouth till the remaining natural teeth stay in the mouth.
# We charge the patient for ReRCT only if ReRCT can be corrected.

Cost Of RCT / Root Canal Treatment? (Lucknow)

Front Teeth:- Our Rates- 2000/- Market Rate- 1500 to 4000/-
Back Teeth:- Our Rates- 3500/- Market Rate- 2500 to 6000/-

Cost Of Re-RCT? (Lucknow)

Front Teeth:- Our Rates 3000/- Market Rate- 4000 to 5000/-
Back Teeth:- Our Rates- 4500/- Market Rate- 4500 to 8000/-

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